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Turning a Paperclip into a Car
12 August 2020

Living Through the End of 9 to 5 – Turning a Paperclip into a Car

Could you swap a paperclip for a car? Bored at school, Abdul Mudawi decided to take up the challenge. Four months and a lot of hard work later, he succeeded. It's an…

Connecting Britain
15 July 2020

Connecting Britain

One of the good thing abouts Covid is that it has exposed parts of our society or economy that don’t work properly. A big revelation for government, for business, and the population…

Get a Business Partner
24 August 2020

Get a Business Partner

As with most things in life, two heads are better than one. I’ve always found that great business success stories tend to stem from an initial partnership. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.…

Your Vision & the Business Plan
14 August 2020

Your Vision & The Business Plan

Pretty much everything you do in life that is worthwhile is the result of some sort of plan. Booking a holiday. Getting a job and going to work. Organising a date night…

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