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12 November 2020

Virtual Power Plants

With all the talk of electric cars I seem to be doing I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about a quiet revolution taking place which will affect all our…

21 October 2020

A Steady Hand Helps to Navigate the Storm

In a recent interview I conducted with a successful entrepreneur, he talked about viewing a business like it were a ship. The analogy works particularly well as the concept of a business…

12 November 2020

Speculate to Accumulate

Now that you are a business expert (!) and up and running you can now start to think about outside investment. A big challenge when starting a business from scratch is to…

Every Disappointment is an Opportunity
7 September 2020

Every Disappointment is an Opportunity

No matter how much you plan in business (and in life), there are always going to be disappointments and setbacks. Just look at how the events in 2020 have had affected us…

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